CapitalGod is sending us to northern Virginia to plant a church that is intensely focused on restoring people to God and others. Northern Virginia is the most densely populated and most influential area of the United States, but also, incredibly far from God. Here is how Ben Arment, another church planter in norther Va, describes the area.

There’s a quest for money and power that is unrivaled in any other part of the country I’ve lived. Their god is real and big and powerful to them, but it’s not the one true God. Advertising, attractional services, gimmicks… do nothing here.  I have nothing in common with the fastest growing churches in Outreach Magazine. Good thing is, my kind of ministry context is not unprecedented in Scripture.

Every day of the week, I’m Matthew, sitting around tables with people far from God. In the evenings, I’m Jesus in a Samaritan village, walking across driveways to offer living water. On weekends, I’m Paul, standing in the multiplex-opolis, contending for the unknown God. Churches can’t happen until missions does.

My passion for restoring people to God goes back to my childhood. Stefani and I are stoked about this next season of life and ministry as we move to a region of great spiritual need.


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