The Un-imagined Miracle

In the story of  Luke 5:1-11, I am captured by one verse that is too often taken for granted (verse 7).

Here’s what can be learned:

Obedience to Jesus’ counter-intuitive wisdom in reaching the spiritually lost, leads to overwhelming miracles of salvation which contain great tension that ultimately attract greater resources.

While reading this story, I envision Peter freakin’ out over the magnitude of the catch. Thinking to himself, “Oh crap! What are we going to do next!” This tension drives his humility to ask for help (verse 7). What’s fascinating here is that the necessary resources to sustain the miracle are leveraged after the miracle has occurred.  As others hear the cry for help, their passion for the lost and excitement in the miracle cause them to stop what they are doing that is good to join what God is doing that is better.

The miracle of unimagined salvation begins when we have the courage to act upon Jesus’ seemingly ridiculous insight and the humility to access greater resources. This requires trust, obedience, and humility.


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