The Dangler – A Place of Worship

The day after doing what you are about to watch, I journal-ed these words to my loving Father (God).

“Thank you for letting me experience your glory rock climbing at the Gunks in New York. Thank you for letting me glory in your glory. I enjoy you. I enjoy your glory. – I Love You, Ron”

Climbing this route was amazing! Worshipping God on the side of the cliff after accomplishing this route was even better! I love playing in God’s play ground. I enjoy the adventures He has created for me. I love basking in His glory!


4 Responses

  1. Hey Ron –
    I am glad you shared your experience with your footprints last night. It was really amazing. Thinking on it I realized that everyone desires to walk in someone elses footprints. Some people choose to make the preperations needed and finally see a goal accomplished – while others just sit and dream. Everytime I hear the word footprints, I think about the footprints in the sand- and how everytime I walk along the beach I stare at the footprints there and then the next minute there gone – washed away by the ocean.
    Thank you for sharing this with us – it really inspired me.

  2. You are such a movie star Ron!

    See you on the Rock.

  3. RON…

    You are a “ROCK” star man…

    Celebrating you not dying…

  4. nuts… cool- but nuts…

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