I’m Free To Do What I Want

Rolling Stones“I’m Free”, released by The Rolling Stones in 1965, communicated the message, “I’m free to do what I want any old time.” Today’s culture believes similarly that freedom comes when we choose to do whatever we want.

This is moronic thinking at it’s best!

Doing whatever we want never leads to freedom. It leads to anarchy – the polar opposite of freedom. Though it seems counter-intuitive, freedom comes through obedience.

We are designed to live within a God given moral code. When we obey the moral code, we are free. When we break the code, we experience relational, emotional, physical, or spiritual imprisonment.

When man and woman enter marriage, they agree to remain faithful to each other emotionally, spiritually, relationally, and physically. If either of them “chooses to do what they want” by becoming sexually involved with another person, then they have broken a God given moral code. This decision leads to emotional pain and relational distrust. There is freedom in the choice; there is imprisonment in the consequence.

When freedom of choice is leveraged to obey God’s moral code, freedom is experienced in life.

In His perfect obedience, Jesus lived free, and made it possible for us to live free.

“I’m free when I do what God wants.”


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