Running to Win

I have been back on the bike path this week and this is what I noticed.
Every day I passed runners and joggers of all ages and conditioning
levels. They all ran alone. No “groupies” on the path. No one ran with
even one friend. They appeared to be focused on the goal. Runners I know
run for a purpose, to win the race. Whether the race is life and health,
endurance, or the next competition, the goal is clear in their mind. So
clear that they usually train alone and when it hurts. Runners know
there is a price to be paid. There will likely be injury. When that
occurs the runner listens to his body, allows it to heal some, and then
pushes it to perform again. He gets into condition and gains even more
strength. Running takes determination, knowing who you are, what you are
about and why you run. You are there to compete in the race, so you run,
knowing there will be a prize waiting for you.

This entry was written by Karen Klabunde.

Isn’t this true of our daily lives and spiritual journeys?


One Response

  1. Nice write-up. But I can’t get past the “everybody is running alone” part. A sad fact for the runners and for the parallel to followers of Jesus. Running with a team greatly increases the intensity and the chances of winning.

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