The Culturally Irrelevant Church

To be irrelevant with God’s truth is to be irreverent.


4 Responses

  1. i think thats why jerome, wycliffe, luther, etc translated the Scriptures into the vernacular.


  2. Is the translation alone, enough to be culturally relevant?

  3. ron

    good question…i dont think so. i think there is a lot more to being relevant than translation of Scripture. one must really be able to apply the Message to the culture. for instance, St Francis lived with, cared for, and taught the poor. Wycliffe lived like a commoner and was the most respected professor in Europe. Luther changed the entire face of culture in Europe.

    the Reformers have always been influential in culture. but that is by speaking the language of the culture, living in the culture, loving the culture. without such things, the Scriptures might as well be “Greek to me” (ironic because they are in Greek).


  4. 🙂 Peter

    I agree with and appreciate your thoughts and terminology – we must “live in the culture”, speak “the language of the culture”, and “love the culture” to be relevant with God’s truth.

    This blog is a teaser for the blog that is coming in two days on the culturally relevant church. I’d like to get your thoughts on that one too.


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