Holy Discontent

Bill Hybles’ new book Holy Discontent is page-by-page inspiration, challenging us to identify the “firestorm of frustration” that is welling up from the core of our being, by answering the question: “what can’t I stand?” Once we understand what is driving us to the point of anger producing frustration, we “ought” to take action that restores and redeems, people and culture, back to God.

We should never ignore our holy discontent. Instead, we should “feed it”, “fight for it”, and “follow it.” When we do this, we discover the individualized purpose given to us from God.

Months ago, I wrote in my journal, “God, if you are willing, will you call me to a vision that is bigger than me, a vision that you must be present in, for it to succeed. Then would you prevent me from taking credit for what you have done, so that you will truly receive all the glory.” God is continuing to clarify and confirm this vision. Identifying my holy discontent has been one more step in this journey.

What is your holy discontent? “Whatever it is, will you attack it with reckless abandon, giving it your one thousand-watt all?”

When we begin to live from the God given energy, erupting from our holy discontent, we become “increasingly attractive“. Think about it. “Who doesn’t want to hang out with someone who lives passionately, who loves fearlessly, and who embraces risk-laden change” for the purpose of righting in our world, what is wrong, to restore people and culture to God?

Buy the book, and let God awaken you, to make a difference in the world, based on your individualized purpose, that flows from your holy discontent.

Holy Discontent

Note: All the quotations in this blog come from Bill Hybles new book, Holy Discontent.


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  1. Excellent clarification of what needs to be our response to “holy discontent,” which I have experienced throughout most of my walk with Christ. I have often felt that this discontent was God’s Spirit driving me to Himself, to place His Kingdom first and foremost, and not become entrapped in the Christian “religion.” Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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