A New Book

Some people say, “I’m turning a page” or “I’m starting a new chapter in my life.” Not us! Instead, God is closing our book. Volume 1 of our life story is over. Volume 2 is now beginning and the pages are blank.

It has been eight years since God first gave Stefani and me the vision for church planting. Ten months ago this vision began resurfacing in our hearts. On August 16, 2007, God gave us the final confirmation we needed to step into church planting without reservation. This final confirmation came at the end of three days of the most emotionally demanding process I have ever willfully submitted myself to – the Church Planters Assessment with the Church Planters Assessment Center (CPAC).

Stefani and I are absolutely stoked about this life transition into church planting. We know that our lives will never be the same again as this new book is written.

Our life passion is to live Jesus’ mission (Matthew 28:19, 20) by restoring people back to relationship with God and others. Now we get to do this through church planting as we live Jesus’ mission while envisioning and inspiring others to do the same individually and in Christian community as together we authenticate Jesus.

So what is next? We are continuing to take steps to partner with the Independent Christian Church Movement and with Stadia, an organization committed to planting new churches. In the next two weeks, we will have more information with the specific next step with recognition that it could take a few months to put all the pieces together.

To learn more about our plans click here.


4 Responses

  1. Cheering you on as you be and do what God created you to be and do…

  2. It is so encouraging to see you step out in complete faith, out of your comfort zone and trust wholly and completely in God who has your best in mind. Go big!

  3. Sounds exciting! God is good and in control of everything. We’ll keep praying…

  4. Whatever you need man! I’m behind you and your family.

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