Bourne Ultimatum

This non-stop, action packed, thriller is a dramatic presentation of a story that is larger than anyone of us. A story that we are apart of, but which none of us, is the main character; a story in which we have a unique role to play.

Like Jason Bourne, it is necessary to know our beginning. To know who created us to be who we are. The pursuit of identity is one of the deepest longings within each of us.

If the story is bigger than us, then whose story is it? And how do we determine our role in this story? I can only hope that each of us will pursue our own true identity with the same determination as Jason Bourne (David Webb) does in Bourne Ultimatum.

The below video should help each of us understand the larger story that we are apart of and determine where to begin searching for our true identity.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him….”

Genesis 1:27


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