Authenticate Jesus

I was hovering around the water fountain, after my trail run this morning, when an older gentleman and two younger boy’s road in from the mountain bike trails. I observed, as they filled up their water bottles and soaked their faces. My observations became a conviction that had to be spoken. Looking the older man in the eyes, I affirmed, “It’s good to see you out with these two young men. I don’t know if you are their dad or not, but there aren’t too many men that will invest in younger men the way you are.” It turns out, this guy has been mountain biking with these kids every week this summer. What an awesome investment of one’s life! He went on to say that this is exactly what his pastor spoke about this last Sunday – authenticating Jesus. After taking a final sip of water and walking away from the fountain, I turned and said, “There is a huge spiritual lesson in your coming back to the water for refreshment after your ride. Drive that one home with these young men.” He called back, as I walked away, “You must be a preacher.” I grinned, “Maybe.”


3 Responses

  1. This guy you ran into reminds me of my own pastor. God bless your perceptions bro. Here’s hoping we all realize the importance of “authenticating Jesus.”

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