Havey Cedars – Monday – God’s Story

The Secret MasterThe purpose of Harvey Cedars this summer is for our students to hear the secret message of the Kingdom. There is a lot of noise in our students’ lives and they have learned to filter much of it out, but are they willing to listen to the still quiet voice of God and if they are – do they know how. Our students will be challenged to get past the noise of life to hear the voice of God and His message – His secret.

Our first night at HC was awesome. Tim Milner and band rocked at leading students to the heart of God in worship. The opening video was extremely powerful – view below. Shelton (our speaker) did a great job of helping our students understand that they have a special role to play in God’s story. We look forward to seeing how God changes our lives as the week continues.

To listen to Monday nights message titled God’s Epic, click either of the following links:

For Podcasts (which requires having itunes software) click here
For the RSS feeds (which anyone can use) click here

Here is the video that opened the night.


One Response

  1. The video was sweet, i will be praying for everyone down there, may God work powerfully in the students lives and in those of the adults as well.

    Looking forward to reading more…

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