Evan Almighty

Funny movie with great spiritual and life applications – especially for those who seek to embrace God given visions that are bigger than themselves.

Without ruining the movie, here are some of the spiritual concepts the movie conveys. (I was frantically typing these into my Blackberry during the film).

God: “Evan, you want to change the world, so do I.”
Evan: “But this ark thing doesn’t fit into my plans. I wouldn’t even know where to start.”
God: God gives Evan the plans for accomplishing the vision in the form of a book – “Ark Building for DUMMIES”

  • When does God’s vision ever fit into our plans?
  • When we embrace God’s vision and have no clue how to make it reality, God provides the plans and resources to make it possible.

Like most people who set out to accomplish God’s vision, Evan doesn’t have the resources to accomplish the task. By mistake, he discovers that when he “asks – he receives.”

  • When we ask, God’s resources become available.

In the film, we discover that visions given by God will seem insane to others, but God sees them as opportunities to change the world.

  • Are we willing to be perceived as insane for the opportunities of God to redeem people?

On the topic of prayer, God says, “If someone asks for patience, does God give it to them, or give them the opportunity to learn patience.”

  • Does God give us what we want or give us the opportunity to grow in what we need?

On the topic of family, Evan discovers that his kids would rather he be “crazy” and at home with them building an ark, then “sane” and overworking.

  • This makes me wonder, what really is more crazy? Going to work to fulfill our own dreams or bringing our families on a journey with us of fulfilling God’s vision.

In the movie, God won’t let Evan be divided. He won’t let Evan do his job (occupation) and build the ark. He demands singleness of focus to the vision.

  • Sometimes God gives us a vision without telling us why. He just wants us to obey.
  • God is willing to remove anything that prevents us from obeying Him so we will press in to fulfill His vision.

Now go see Evan Almighty and let me know what spiritual truth God reveals to you.


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  1. Super post! Great thoughts on the movie 🙂

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