HC – Jr High – Monday – God’s Story

After long bus rides, almost 400 junior high students and leaders settled in at Harvey Cedars today, caught some great waves at the beach, started getting to know new friends, and settled into their rooms.

Our theme this week is “The Secret”. Throughout the week, our speaker will be revealing Jesus secrets of His Kingdom to our students.

Tonight Brant Lingle and band did an amazing job launching the week in worship, followed by the below video which got a strong round of applause from our students. But why wouldn’t it? The video captures 2 scenes of God’s story on film. After the video, Darrel Pearson gave a powerful talk on how our lives are part of God’s story. He reminded us that our lives aren’t about us; they are about God and His story, but we have a role to play in God’s story. You can listen to Darryl’s message by clicking the podcast button on the sidebar or by clicking the RRS Feed. The message title is “HC Jr high God’s Story”.

We are looking for God do bring amazing life-change in our lives as we continue through this week.

Protected: God at Work

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Harvey Cedars – Saturday – Don’t Keep the Secret

It’s hard to believe that the week is already over. Our leaders did an amazing job loving and leading our students throughout the week.

This morning, Shelton’s message challenged our students tell the secret message of God to others. The session was opened with this video.

Harvey Cedars – Friday – God’s Message

Tonight we took a huge risk. For 4 nights now, our students students have discovered the secrets of God through Shelton’s message. Tonight, we decided to have God be the speaker – literally. As the students, came into the evening session, they each recieved a journal and pen. After our video opening (view below), Shelton explained how to listen to the voice of God. Then our students where given 15 minutes to silently listen to God voice and write in their new journal the message/s God gave them. This was great moment of God speaking directly to our students hearts and minds.

You may want to take a moment and listen to what Shelton didn’t say so that God could say it.

Harvey Cedars – Thursday – Live God’s Purpose

Last nights’ message on repentance was followed up tonight by focusing on how we are to live. When we repent of sin, we must live for something new – the pursuit of God and His purpose.

Tonight, seven students came to a place in their spiritual journey where they are now choosing to live for God and His purpose. Consider listening to the message that God used to bring these students into relationship with Himself. Also, check out the video that Shelton used in the middle of his message.

Harvey Cedars – Wednesday – Repentance

Para-sailing, wave runners, surfing, laying on the beach, participating in a volleyball tournament – these are just a few of the exciting activities our students and leaders participated in throughout the day.
The Secret Master
In the evening session, there was a powerful work of God’s Spirit in several hundred students that lead to authentic repentance where students wrote down their secret sin placed in God’s secret box. Student’s where broken before God because of their sin in light of His glory.

The video (view below) that set up Shelton’s message was extremely effective in setting up the topic of repentance.

Later in the evening, three students from First Baptist of Metuchen where baptized in the ocean.

HC Baptism

HC Baptism

What an amazing day of God redeeming students back to Himself.

Harvey Cedars – Tuesday – I Love You

God is breaking through. The light of His love is penetrating our lives – revealing who we are in light of His glory.

Tonight (Tuesday) Shelton reminded us that God’s love for us is divine, declared, and demonstrated. The small group discussions following his message began revealing our students’ brokenness and need for the perfect love of God.

Shelton’s message was opened with the following video and a whole lot of laughs from our students.

You can listen to tonight’s (Tuesday) message by clicking either the podcast button or RSS Feed link in the sidebar.

Later in the night 250 of our students kicked back for a night of laughs with Lee McBride (a profession comedian we brought in from Birmingham, AL). Dave Ball and Nate Kirsh got the students warmed up with a great opening act. These guys should take their talents on the road.