The Thriving Church

If only the “pastor” is bringing Jesus to the people, the church will die. The people must bring Jesus to the people – the people at work; the people in their neighborhoods; the people at home; the people in the marketplace; the people at church. When the people bring Jesus to the people, the church will thrive!


2 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, in many contemporary churches, even the pastor is not bringing Jesus to the people, but instead expects that people will find Jesus if they simply “come to church” and “hear the Word of God preached.” This is based on the mistaken notion that just being at a church service on Sunday will somehow compel a person to make a life commitment to Jesus. In fact, going to many of our churches on a Sunday morning may actually hinder a person from becoming a disciple. Some may find Jesus this way, but studies have shown that the vast majority of disciples of Christ encountered Jesus through people bringing Jesus to them.

  2. Physiologist – excellent thought on this! Church programs have a role in disciple making, but we must understand that the mission of the church (disciple making) is primarily to be with the people we see in everyday life – unhindered by the walls of a building.

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