Stories of Spiritual Formation

SM Logo3What does spiritual formation look like in a persons’ life? How can we know when spiritual formation is occurring? Perhaps, one of the most effective ways is to capture short clips from the larger story of people’s lives. This is exactly what we did with the students who chose to participate in our small group discipleship ministry during this last school year. It is humbling to read this small sampling of student statements and consider the influence of our small group leaders in the process of spiritual formation. This year…

  • I become saved and grew closer to God
  • I realized how important it is to have a relationship with him.
  • God has been there for me and has shown his glory and awesomeness. 
  • SM to help me grow in my relationship with God because it has helped me thing less on what other people think and more on God and what he has planned for me.
  • I have grown more mature in my relationship with Christ.
  • I realized that I needed God!
  • God has taught me what the purpose of life is.
  • God has helped me to trust him and put less hope and faith in earthly things
  • God challenged me to give up a large sum of money for the homeless.
  • God has taught me to show His love in everything I do especially involving the non-Christians in my life
  • God has shown himself to me in different ways and has given me a new perspective on my life
  • God has taught me this year that I really need to do to be known as a Christian.
  • God taught me to love everybody, not just my friends or those that are “cool”
  • I discovered how to have a stronger foundation of faith in God
  •  God taught me to reach out to others while having fellowship and accountability with others
  • I learned so much more about his love.
  • I became a stronger Christian
  • I grew closer to God and friends
  • SM (Student Ministries) helped me to form new relationships, especially with God
  • I discovered the value of spending time with God daily
  • I got baptized
  • God brought light to areas of my relationship where I wasn’t close with Him and areas that I need work on in my life.
  • God has shown me that I can use my music to glorify Him.
  • God has taught me more about his love
  • I have learned how to live for Christ
  • God opened my eyes back up to what I was searching for.
  • God showed me how I was living as a worldly Christian and different ways I can change it.
  • God challenged me to live a Christian life 24/7 and start applying myself with non-Christians.
  • God really helped me to realize the importance of spending time with Him
  • God used me to help lead worship for the people.  It was a pleasure.
  • SM showed me how I need to leave everything to God and he will provide.
  • God helped me be stronger in my faith
  • God used me to show other people to God.
  • God and I became much closer friends.
  • God showed me how to act Godly and get out of my bad habits.  Also he showed how amazing he can be.
  • I learned how to radiate God light.
  • God has helped me know he is always there for me, and I just need to go to Him
  • God has challenged me to do my daily devotions
  • God helped me to learn to be more forgiving
  • God led me to pray for people I didn’t like and am mean to.
  • God has helped me realize that I need to stand out as a Christian
  • God has helped me with overcome emotional issues.  I began making better choices.
  • Student Ministries was some place I could bring my friends from school and tell them about God
  • SM helped me to make more friends and allowed me to become more comfortable with friends.  I’ve really been able to open up about my faith.
  • I realized that I needed God!
  • God allowed me to grow with patience and faith.
  • God encouraged me to reach out to people in my classes.  I have become a lot more open about my faith and I feel that have grown more as well.
  • I have added more time to devotions.
  • God gave me strength.  God helped me to realize the beauty in all his creations.
  • God and I have a much stronger relationship.
  • God helped me understand him and my life more.
  • SM showed me that I need to leave everything to God and he will provide.
  • I opened my heart to serve God.
  • God helped my leaders to show me how to radiate God’s glory.
  • God has shown me how to repent against my sins.

God longs to form us more into the image of Jesus. As He does this, it is our responsibility to bring others along with us in the journey. That is just what our Student Ministries team has done.

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  1. It is wonderful to read and would truly help if this could be shown on the screens in big church and heritage hall so all the church may rejoice and give God the glory.

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