High School Students make Great Small Group Leaders

As I see it, high school students have what it take to be disciples of Jesus who are making disciples. I think the students they lead in our ministry would agree. Just read below and I think you will too.

Each of the statements below is written by a different student pertaining to their small group leader – who, by the way, is still in high school.

This year my small group leader…

  • has taught me about forgiveness and he helped me pick out a life verse to help me in my life.
  • has brought up different points of view, was a big encouragement, he always cared, he was there to listen
  • tried to fit 12 kids in a 5 passenger van so we could go to Rita’s (to achieve the dream of free water ice).  It, however, failed.
  • taught me how to be a better follower of God by telling us how to be nice to people you don’t even like
  • has been awesome and helped me get through a tough time in my life
  • taught us how God wants us to live our lives
  • helped me with my relationships
  • helped me learn more on what I could do to be more like God
  • help us further understand what we already know
  • helped me interact with God by group discussions
  • taught me more about God and how important it is to worship him and spread his word
  • taught me a lot of good things about God
  • showed us the way to have fun.
  • changed my life, he became like a big brother.
  • helped me grow in my relationship with God by teaching me more about him, and what his purpose is
  • invited me in like an old friend when I was new.
  • gave me support and encouragement
  • has listened and talked to me
  • taught me a lot about my relationship with God
  • helped me get closer to God
  • helped me understand the relationship between God and me.
  • taught me about God.
  • helped me not to sin.
  • taught me how to express my feelings and religious beliefs.
  • was very nice and brought me closer to God.
  • is a really good and nice small group leader, made my relationship grow with God.
  • is a great role model in a Christian way.  She made sure we each could experience God.
  • we would have deep discussions on what we would be talking about that night and she would always have answers to our questions.
  • has really discussed with us in depth the things we learned, what really helped was she shared her experiences with us.
  • has helped me learn and understand more about God.
  • has directed me in my search in the Bible.
  • taught me to stand up against peer pressure.
  • encouraged me to read my Bible more.
  • encouraged me to stand up against peer pressure.
  • would lead us in deep discussions on what we were talking about in large group.  She is amazing!
  • has helped me with better loving others and showing the bad points of gossip.  She has been a great leader to talk to and I know she is always there.

The old cliché “students are the leaders of tomorrow” needs to be thrown out the window. Our students are the leaders of today.

For more on what God is doing to transform our students lives read:

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