Anticipating Jesus

Jesus instructs His disciples to anticipate His return (Mark 13). Why? Because He may be coming back today. But do we really believe this? Or, have 2000 years minimized our interpretation of Jesus’ instruction and numbed our anticipation?

Have you ever anticipated an event (a vacation, a meeting, a wedding, a move of homes, a new job, etc.)? How did your anticipation cause you to prepare for the event? Did your preparations change the activities of your daily schedule? How?

If we choose to believe Jesus and live in anticipation of His return, then our anticipation should change our daily disposition. In Mark 13, Jesus instructs us to anticipation and what to do with it (consider reading Mark 13 before continuing):

  1. Watch out that no one deceives you (Mark 13:5)
  2. Be on your guard (Mark 13:9, 33)
  3. Do not worry (Mark 13:11)
  4. Stand firm (Mark 13:13)
  5. Pray (Mark 13:18)
  6. Be alert (Mark 13:33)
  7. Do not be found sleeping (Mark 13:36)
  8. Keep watch – Watch! (Mark 13:35, 37)

To live these dispositions, we must take our focus off our world and live in anticipation of Jesus’ return and the full establishment of His Kingdom.


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