Big Ideas

New Church Conference Big Ideas

Wayne Cordero Session 1
• “You will teach what you know, but reproduce what you are.”
• “Be genuine to the core, by letting Jesus to the core of who you are.”
• “The Holy Spirit is our divine mentor, but you will have to submit yourself.”

Wayne Cordero Breakout 1
• “The test of a servant is how we respond when treated like one.”
• “Don’t study the Bible; let the Bible study you.”

Ed Stetzer Session 2
• “Be more excited about the people than the style.”
• “Contextualize the gospel”
• “Plant a church in a community, not in your head. Ask: how can the gospel best transform this community? Not, what is my preference?”

Ed Stetzer Breakout 2
• “Don’t plant a church if all you have is a vision for the church. You must have a vision for the people.”
• “Bring Jesus to people; not a church to people.”

Jim Putnam
• “Getting people to your church isn’t the same as making disciples.”
• “Discipleship doesn’t happen in mass numbers; it is passed down in relationship. Only through relationship can discipleship happen.”
• “The show doesn’t make disciples. Relationships make disciples.”
• “People know what they want; not what they need.”
1. Discipleship has to have a pastoral component (shepherd). Stop focusing on the show to shepherd the people. Shepherding releases your right to lead. This is not a show.
2. Discipleship requires real teaching – real teaching happens when you walk the road. The worst teaching style is lecture. A good leader creates a shepherding environment.
3. Discipleship requires accountability
4. Small groups need to teach people how to learn their skills. Stop looking for all-stars. Find the non-all-star that has the character to make disciples.

Mark Batterson
• “Doing church in the marketplace: overtake the marketplace with the purpose of Jesus.”
• “Disrupt routines to grow personally and as a church.”
• “Keep experimenting – everything is an experiment – research and development.”
• “There is a way that church has never been done before – find it.”
• “Disciple from your passion.”
• “Do small groups in semesters.”

Shawn Lovejoy
• Amos 3:7 the Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants.
• Prophets get their visions from God, not themselves. This takes being with God. Don’t use some else’s vision.
• God’s vision to a prophet always comes under attack. Just look at scripture. If we are not attacked, then we do not have God’s vision. Protect the vision God gives you. Be mean about the vision. Speak the truth about the vision and do it in love.”
• How do we protect the vision?
1. By living for an audience of one
2. By confronting people. 3 types of people to confront – 1. Consumer Christian 2. Spiritual mavericks (they always have a better idea) 3. hijacker (they want their church to be like their last one and they didn’t like that one either)
3. By saying “no” – say “no” to the good thing to say “yes” to the best.
4. By giving people permission to leave – help people lave when they don’t share the vision; be okay with people not liking you; prophets don’t care what people think about them.
• “Don’t ever stop planting your church.” Don’t ever settle in (me)

Next Step:
Take time to pursue God for His vision.

Matt Chandler
• “Why do so few of us long and agonize for God? Why are we so un-desirous of God? Why aren’t we bothered for a longing for God?”
• “Ez 14:1 – no man should ever avoid the painful process of self-examination”
• “In regards to church planting – if Jesus isn’t enough, then why do this? Is Jesus the goal of what we are after?”
• “Move beyond vision and strategy – LOVE HIM!”
• “Be tired of yourself! Leave your times with Jesus with a desire and longing to be with him more. Talk to Jesus more than you talk about Jesus.”
• “In the end, Jesus better be enough for you!”

Dave Ferguson
• “Take time to pursue God for his dream (vision)”

Bill Hybles
• “Faith believes that God is going to show up with his power without knowing how God will deliver.”
• “If you walk by sight you will quit. Faith will keep you going.”
• During this session, God said to me: “walk by faith in the direction I want you to go.”

Tadd Grandstaff
• “Know your style and make sure it fits in the environment that you plant”
• “Make sure your ministry style can reach max effectiveness in Harrisonburg”
• “Figure out the vision completely – then talk. Don’t talk too much until you really know the vision.”
• “Take your time. You have one chance to do it right.”
• “Show vision to your launch team by visiting other churches during the launch phase. This will help you see how it is done. Evaluate with your team after each visit.”

Bloggers Lunch
• “Blogging is digital discipleship.”
• “Use blogging to expand my wisdom base – gain wisdom from others through blogging.”
• “Watch the heart of ‘why’ I’m blogging what I’m blogging”
• “Why do I blog? How am I representing Jesus in my blog? Can others become disciples? Is my blog redemptive?”
• “Be all positive – all the time.”
• “In a church plant, use the blog to cast vision”
• “Blogging is a high tech water cooler”
• “Challenge ideas by presenting new ideas”


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