Protecting Jesus’ Mission

Recently, I sat through a not-so-monotonous pre-flight preparation. In this comic presentation, the flight attendant prepared her passengers for flight by saying, among other things, “If you don’t like our service today, then our aircraft has six exits – two in the back, two in the middle, and two in the front.” After I stopped cracking up, I realized what she was really saying, “We are going to care for and serve you well today. If you don’t like how we serve you, that’s okay. We’ll be glad to show you the door.”

What lesson should church leaders learn from this as it pertains to perpetual complainers and critics who sit in their seats?

Fighting for the vision of the church and mission of Jesus is critical. Sometimes it takes straight up confrontation. Perhaps the church back door should be left open for those who try to change the vision and mission to suit their own desires.


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