God’s Calling

How do we determine God’s calling on our lives?

First, let’s recognize that God is not trying to keep our calling a secret. He wants to reveal his calling to us.

Second, let’s understand that God’s calling on our lives can never be contained by an occupation.


Because our calling is the thumb print of whom God has created us to be. Our doing must flow out of our being which is why we long to know our calling. Our calling is embedded in who we are and can be found in our desires.

But how can we know if our desires are God’s desires?

By delighting in Him.

As we delight in God, His desires, which reveal our calling, become our desires. And God longs to give us the desires of our hearts.

But how are our desires fulfilled?

By committing them to God.

The course of our lives should flow from our desires, which are really God’s desires, His calling, if we delight in Him.

Psalms 37:4, 5

Delight yourself in the LORD
and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Commit your way to the LORD;
trust in him and he will do this:

For more on these thoughts read “Listening to Who YOU Are“.

Endnote: These thoughts formed by listening to the “Calling” by Gary Barkalow with Ransomed Heart Ministries.


3 Responses

  1. […] more on this thought read “God’s Calling” or “Let Your Life Speak” by Parker J. […]

  2. These words are very inspiring. In my current transition to a new part of my life, I have looked back in perspective to my journey to here. It is all so just a little more distant yet on the horizon, my view to this what has brought me to this point in my life, prepared me for where I can so strongly feeling God leading me. I have stepped back from running hastily in and out of doors that lead to empty rooms, and am praying now for patients in my stillness, as my heart beats with the anxious call that I can feel is just beyond me.

  3. If you are interested in attending a retreat that I am hosting with Gary Barkalow called “It’s Your Call” in Georgia click the following link!

    Mike McDade



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