Be a Disciple; NOT a christian – part 5

Hear are some of the BIG IDEAS our students caught in this class (I have not edited the grammar – they appear just as they where submitted). Keep in mind that these BIG IDEAS are being pulled from a far larger conversation on discipleship:

“I don’t want to be considered a Christian if all we are is titles. I am not a title; I am a person who is trying to live her life of God. I need no title. All I need is to follow wherever God leads me and do his will not matter who tries to persecute me or mock me…. Throughout my life I am going to try and be a disciple instead of a Christian. I do not want to be defined as a Christian; rather I want to be defined as a disciple, putting my belief into practice.”

“If we are not willing to give up everything,… we cannot be one of Jesus’ disciples (Luke 14:25-35).”

“‘How many Christians go to hell, and is it possible?’ The answer to this question is as many who don’t repent. And it encouraged me to be more conscious of my actions so that those who aren’t disciples or Christians aren’t turned off by Christianity because they think we’re all hypocrites.”

“One of the major things I’ve learned is that faith and discipleship means action. A person cannot sit back and say I’m a Christian, and not it’s all God’s job, because that is just not true. Jesus says that if we are Christians-with the better word being disciples-we will go and make disciples-however that manifests itself in our individual lives.”

“I’m continuing to learn now that we need to become disciples not just Christians. By doing this, it means to put full faith in yourself and God (believing without seeing) – devoting your whole life to God, to His word, His teachings, and wanting to follow Him. I’ve also learned that being a disciple involves risks, sacrifice, and service and also being ready to tell others about God’s unfathomable love.”

“Jesus picked nobodies to be his followers. He has faith in all of us that we can be just like him, so we should never doubt ourselves.”

“When God calls us to be his disciples. He calls us to follow Him in everything we do. He calls us to be just like Him.”

“Spiritual Disciplines are a training tool for growing in a relationship with Jesus.”

“A disciple is someone who loves God, loves others, and makes disciples.”

“Discipleship means carrying on under all trials and suffering, first because of the incredibly powerful words in James which say that the testing of our faith develops perseverance-perseverance that means we will be mature and complete, not lacking anything. More than anything in my life, one day I want to stand before my Redeemer and hear the words that come after that maturity “well done, good and faithful servant.”

My life has been enriched by the insight and integrity of these students to grow as disciples of our Rabbi (Jesus).

To read more about our journey from Christianity to Discipleship… click here.


12 Responses

  1. I think the disassociation with the word Christian is a mistake. As soon as “disciple” or “follower of Christ” or whatever becomes the popular alternative it will likewise have those who lightheartedly adopt it and misrepresent it.
    But for the time being, if it makes one feel better to be called something else and believe a solution for indifference has been found, so be it.

    As for me, I’m a Christian on mission to live in a way to restore honor to that title.

  2. Good thought. You are right – labels do deviate from their original meaning – interesting thought – so do people unless they are being redeemed. With this in mind, at what point does it become beneficial to separate from a label that is no longer Christ centric in the minds of most people in order to better communicate the redemption that Jesus offers? In other words, at what point does a label become a barrier to the message of truth that our Rabbi (Jesus) commands us to give? And if that label is a barrier that hinders someone from redemption, then is it worth associating with that label, for the sake of the label, provided we are known as a passionate lover of Jesus and others who lives to glorify God in all of our lives?

  3. For me it’s as simple as looking the word “Christian” up in the dictionary. Trends come and go (some are created just to market new ideas you know).
    If the actual definition of the word changes then one ought to consider disassociation but not before then.
    At least that’s the way I see it.

  4. Do most people hold to the dictionary definition or to the feelings they associate with self-proclaimed “Christians” who live in hypocrisy? If an individual’s interpretation of the label “Christian” has such negative connotations that it hinders them from redemption, then should we let a label get in the way of discipling them toward relationship with Jesus Christ? Notice the word “if”. I don’t believe there should be a blanket abandonment of the title “Christian”. But when appropriate, we shouldn’t be afraid to drop the label. The “Christian” label is secondary to one’s identity in Jesus Christ. Notice…Jesus never asked anyone to become a Christian. To read more on this thought consider…Be a Disciple; NOT a christian – part 1 –

  5. Brother,

    It seems one could use the same reasoning to eventually justify not using the labels of “Jesus” or “Christ” all together. Our culture is moving in that direction. Once one adopts the concept that words are just interchangeable labels, it’s not hard to imagine a coming campaign to stop using the name of Jesus because of its divisive and counterproductive stigma. They, no doubt, would advocate something less provocative…


  6. I believe Ron is additionally attempting to associate with biblical terminology and less Christendom. The labels, “Jesus” and “Christ”, are specific, biblical meanings. I’m still searching for the word “Christian”

  7. Acts 11:26, Acts 26:28, I Peter 4:16

  8. Mustardtree

    You are correct in stating that I am attempting to associate with Biblical terminology and less Christendom. I smiled when I saw that you did a search on the word Christian in scripture. As Dallas Willard points out in his book “The Great Omission” (Squint – based on the blogs you have written on discipleship, I really think you would like this book – seriously) the word disciple is used 263 times in scripture and the word Christian only 3 – interesting fact.

  9. […] To read more about our journey from Christianity to Discipleship click here. […]

  10. I enjoyed reading this topic. I have heard a similiar message delivered by Greg Groeshel at
    I myself call myself a “Christian” a follower of Christ. And agreeing with many above my comment, I feel we should not just change the title but rather live up do is.
    A Christian is a disciple, an Israelite, a Jesus Freak, a soldier of God, a warrior, a missionary, etc.. The titles can go on and on.
    Let us bring glory to the term Christian and live as true followers of Christ.
    God bless..

  11. Can you provide more information on this? take care

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