Be a Disciple; NOT a christian – part 3

In considering the gospel stories and our Rabbi’s teachings… What does it mean to be a disciple?

You may want to discuss this question with your own friends (the discussion may inspire them to grow as a disciple of Jesus too).

Here is the list that our class discussion developed…

To follow Jesus
To be completely devoted to Jesus
To take risks for Jesus
To sacrifice for Jesus
To share the good news of Jesus
To serve others as Jesus would
To stand for what is right as Jesus would
To have faith in Jesus
To include Jesus in all of life
To trust Jesus
To imitate Jesus

I love the last one. To IMITATE Jesus. Disciples imitate Jesus.

Just as we often mimic the traits of people we like or who inspire us. Disciples mimic Jesus. They long to know Jesus so deeply and spend so much time with Him that His life begins to rub off on them. Disciples act like Jesus. Disciples think like Jesus. Disciples love like Jesus. Disciples obey like Jesus. Disciples pray like Jesus. Disciples sacrifice like Jesus. Disciples serve like Jesus. Disciples trust like Jesus. Disciples talk like Jesus. Disciples make disciples like Jesus.

What does it mean to …
Make Disciples
…like Jesus?

Begin answering this question and we begin growing as disciples of Jesus. Presuming, we let the information become “in” “formation” that permeates our actions.

To read more about our journey from Christianity to Discipleship click here.


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