Is Jesus’ power bound and released by the faith of people?

Is Jesus’ power bound and released by the faith of people?

“He (Jesus) could not do any miracles there…. He was amazed at their lack of faith” Mark 6:5-6. Compare this experience of Jesus in his hometown to the woman with an unending period (just two stories earlier in Mark 5:29). “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.” She then, takes a risk, acts on her belief, and touches Jesus’ clothes – FAITH. Immediately, she is healed! She feels Jesus power throughout her entire body.

In all other healing stories of the gospels, Jesus knows who he is healing. The recipient of his power has his attention. But this woman doesn’t have Jesus’ attention. All she has is her faith. Jesus doesn’t heal her out of willful choice. Instead, his power is drawn from him to the woman’s faith like a magnet to steel. Only after the woman’s healing does Jesus know that his power has been released. “Who touched me?”

This makes me wonder:

  • Like the woman in this story, do I embrace risk to take action on what I think or what I say I believe? If not, then I don’t have a faith that draws Jesus’ power and intervention in my life. Do I have faith (belief partnered with action) that releases Jesus power?
  • Are my requests of Jesus, for his intervention, beyond my ability to meet my own need? Or do I play it safe?
  • What risk did this woman take to draw Jesus’ power? What risks am I willing to take to draw Jesus’ power?
  • Do I bind Jesus power through dependence on my own abilities? If so, what will it take for me to step into a world of faith that releases his power?


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