The Garden

The story begins in a garden – a garden without weeds – a garden that was created to reproduce, grow, change, and live. When God saw all that he created – he called all of it good.

The garden and all of His creation existed exactly as the artist designed – in harmony, balance, order, and right relationship.

Who was in the garden? A man named Adam, a woman named Eve, and God. The three, in right relationship – God with us.

Then…the choice.

To live God’s way – or – live our way?

To live in harmony with God or disharmony with God. To live in a balanced world or imbalanced world. To live in right relationship or broken relationship. To live or die.

God said to the man… “You may eat from any tree in the garden, but you must not eat from the tree of good and evil”.

With one choice – harmony, balance, order, and relationships began to unravel – life began to die.

This story continues to repeat itself today. The choice is still ours – the decision to live God’s way or our way. Unfortunately, each of us has chosen our way. Our decision is called sin. Our decision brings disharmony, imbalance, chaos, dysfunction, and death to our lives and to all the world.

The story begins in a garden.

Now let’s fast forward the story several thousand years to the next garden. God sends His son to earth. His name is Jesus – God with us. His is given the same choice we are given – to live God’s way or His way. The difference – Jesus chooses God’s way. His decision restores and renews what our choices are destroying. His choice, to live God’s way, brings – harmony, balance, order, right relationships, and life.

Jesus comes to restore life. But to restore life, He must destroy death. So Jesus dies, not because He had to, but because he chose to. He died to forgive us, to renew us, to restore us – from our choice to live our way.

But how is death destroyed through Jesus’ death? It isn’t. Death is destroyed through his life – His resurrection – and notice where he is first seen after his resurrection – a garden.

His resurrection destroys death and brings life. Life has come into the world. And in both cases life is found in a garden – in both cases the creator is found in the garden that he created.

His life gives us hope – a hope that offers forgiveness and restores harmony, balance, order, and relationship. But to embrace His life, we must choose to live His way.

Note: The concept of this article came from Rob Bell’s book Velvet Elvis.


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