be a REAL man

be a REAL man

What is the picture of the stereotypical man in America? Is he over weight? Is he more consumed with TV than his kids? Does he spend more time with his porn than he does his wife? Does he live for himself? All indicators are yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Where are the real men who will stop watching the news and start making the news? Stop watching sports and get into sports? Stop settling for beautiful images and start pursuing their beautiful bride? Stop seeking adventure in video games and start discovering adventure in life? Stop sacrificing their kids for their personal agenda and start sacrificing their agenda for their kids?

What is it that prevents a man from being a REAL man? Perhaps his own laziness.

It takes courage to live against the culture. Discipline to live healthy. Effort to get in the game. Desire to love your bride. Time to love your kids. Sacrifice to live for others. Passion to embrace life’s adventure. Initiative to be a leader.

Any man can lounge in laziness. REAL men are willing to fight laziness by valuing courage, discipline, effort, desire, time, sacrifice, passion, love, and initiative in all of life. Be a REAL man.


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